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Wood for the fire

Our Ministry Story

“I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled!

Luke 12:49

Wood for the Fire ministries was birthed from a desire to Infuse believers with a radical militant mindset that sees their entire life as an opportunity for ministry everywhere they go! We want to inspire our youth and young adults to pursue God with all of their heart. We can not sit back and allow the enemy to poison their minds. This is not just for the younger generation but to all who desire to find their true identity in Christ. 

Currently we are focusing on the region of New england. We want to put an end to New Englanders being labeled ‘’the frozen chosen’’ and set New England on fire for God! God confirmed this to us by showing us through a dream that we would deliver many from a life of spiritual coldness. Lets unify together so that we can melt the frozen hearts of the lost with the Gospel, the Love of Jesus and a demonstration of His Power. Revival is now!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people find their true identity in Christ, and be transformed forever. God wants His Holy Spirit to flow through us so that we can impact the world around us.

We want to not only be able to help spiritually but also with resources like food and clothes. There is a great need for people to receive God’s love. We want to help deliver men and women from a life of addiction and poverty. There are people who are hungry, homeless and are feeling hopeless and we are the answer and through Jesus we have the power to change lives!  

Our Mission

 God has called us to be fire starters! We are working to set up revival hubs throughout the region and will have frequent revival meetings and events. There are other fire starters that have blessed the body of Christ with their gifts of healing and deliverance, etc., and we are bringing them here to New England to impart what God has placed in them. 

We can not do this alone, If you would like to partner with us or is interested in getting updates on our events please email us!  


By partnering with us you can help us to get closer to our goals and gives us the ability to continue to bring the message of the gospel all over the world.

Wood for the Fire Ministries is NOT a 501c3

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